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Updated: November 11th, 2010

We currently offer PayPal for your convenience. 

        Welcome to My Little slice of Heaven, which I have named Mountainside Cave Rabbitry. 
Hi, My Name is Marian, and I breed, raise and show Holland Lop Bunnies.  For only being in this for a few years, I'm not doing too badly on the show tables.  :)  Taking care of bunnies is not an easy job, but all my hard work is beginning to show up with the quality of bunnies that I am currently producing.  I'm constantly striving to reach the ARBA Standard of Perfection with my little guys.  Which seems like
Mission Impossible at times, but slow and steady belief in my self and my bunnies will get me where I want to be, eventually. 

We are located in the coal region of Pennsylvania, in Schuylkill County.  Not too far to travel from Maryland, New Jersey, Middle Pennsylvania, or New York.  Even though it's cold in the winter, we still continue our breeding program since the barn does have a heat source, so we usually have baby bunnies year round for sale.  They're spoiled, warmth in the winter, cool air in the summer,  playpens to play in for exercise and to alleviate boredom, not to mention loving and handling every single day.   We have learned the hard way to keep only a few bunnies, so each and everyone gets a chance to get everything they need, including exercise and attention.  We only have 35 cages for the bunnies we keep, and I like the smaller numbers.  It forces me to keep only the best of the best.  Which in turn, gives me nicer baby bunnies.  

If you see any bunny that you may be interested in, please feel free to contact me at  On the subject line, please put the word Bunnies so I will know it's not spam.   We  have Pay Pal for your convenience now.  Just add 4% to the price of the bunny to cover the Pay Pal cost. If the bunny you like is not on the For Sale Page, it is not up for sale, so please, do not even ask, unless it's to be put on a waiting list for that bunny. Enjoy your visit.

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